Montana: Attend the Gun Rights Counter Rally, July 25th Beginning at Noon in Missoula!

Thursday, July 25, the anti-firearm freedom “No More Names” Bus Tour will be rolling into Missoula, Montana to hold a rally promoting measures that will restrict your gun rights as Montanans.  This bus tour is sponsored by “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG), a group founded and funded by anti-gun extremist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg … [Read more...]

Montana HB (House Bill) 304 – Removes Need for Conceal Carry Permit by Lawful Handgun Owners, Vetoed By Governor Steve Bullock

  Montana Governor Steve Bullock Vetoes HB (House Bill) 304 at the last hour on Friday April 12th 2013 according to the Montana Legislature … [Read more...]

Montana: Another Pro-Gun Bill Sent to Governor Steve Bullock – HB 304

 Montana: Another Pro-Gun Bill Sent to Governor Steve Bullock - HB 304 Please call and e-mail Governor Steve Bullock and urge him to sign this pro-gun bill into law!  "I called the Governor's office on April 4th to voice my support, have you called? Do your part and show your support!" House Bill 304 eliminates the need for a concealed weapon … [Read more...]