Chinese Norinco SKS

Chinese Norinco SKSIn this video we showcase the Chinese Norinco SKS. This particular rifle is a commercial import which never saw military use such as the Chinese Type 56 rifles did. Occasionally these rifles... … [Read more...]

Gun Gripes 98: 3D Printed Guns (Unreleased)

Gun Gripes 98: 3D Printed Guns (Unreleased)Today marks the one year anniversary of Barry's passing. We all miss him dearly and the knowledge and color that he brought to the channel. This Gripe is one that was previously unreleased,... … [Read more...]

How To Pillar Bed a Mosin Nagant

How To Pillar Bed a Mosin NagantSonoran Desert Institute: In this video Ray goes over how to properly bed a Mosin-Nagant action using bedding pillars available from Rock Solid Industries. Bedding your... … [Read more...]

Gun Gripes Episode 99: “The TSA”

Gun Gripes Episode 99: "The TSA"DISCLAIMER: If you can't handle the hard truth and do not understand the true definition of racism, then you should click away now. Also, if you do not support Israel then you will most likely... … [Read more...]

Fostech Origin 12: First Look

Fostech Origin 12: First LookOrigin 12 Info: AR500 Steel Targets: Ok guys here it is, an exclusive first look at the Origin 12 shotgun. This video is just a teaser of... … [Read more...]

IV8888 MAN CAN May 2015


AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle

AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle In this video we are showcasing something a little out of the ordinary for us, a .45 Caliber Air Rifle. Yes, an Air Rifle. Now this is not your... … [Read more...]

Firearms Facts: All About the NFA

Firearms Facts: All About the NFAIn this video we go over the hot mess that is the National Firearms Act which regulated the ownership of certain configurations of firearms in 1934 and still is in effect today. There is a... … [Read more...]

Cap and Ball Revolver Basics

Cap and Ball Revolver BasicsKevin, out resident black powder guru is back out at the range with us today to talk about cap & ball revolvers. We are showcasing two of the most common revolvers available: The 1851 Navy... … [Read more...] … [Read more...]