BUGOUT Vehicle ATVATV as a bugout vehicle option. … [Read more...]

Update and some focus

Update and some focusI'm back and thank you all for your concern and prayers! … [Read more...]

A sturdy crate that turns into a shelf for less than $10 or one piece of wood

A sturdy crate that turns into a shelf for less than $10 or one piece of woodThe most useful crate I ever built for less than $10. You can use these for moving your heavy stuff including your books and tools. When you get to your dest... … [Read more...]

BUGOUT Vehicle Bicycle

BUGOUT Vehicle BicycleBugging out? Don't leave the bicycle behind. … [Read more...]

BUGOUT Vehicle most unusual

BUGOUT Vehicle most unusualThis is most unusual to feature since most Bugout vehicle videos show monster trucks with Road Warrior bumpers but the fact is that the majority of people I ... … [Read more...]

One Hundred Thousand Subs! Thank you all

One Hundred Thousand Subs! Thank you all100000 quality subscribers! Special shout out to the Southernprepper1 and HossUSMC as well as PatriotNurse. … [Read more...]


WAR STORYMy war story.... not for children. … [Read more...]

Fuel Storage building addition POL

Fuel Storage building addition POLAn addition to my POL (Petroleum Oil and Lubricants) building. … [Read more...]

Rain cachement

Rain cachementRainwater is free but a cistern and rain gutters can be cost prohibitive; here is a shortcut. … [Read more...]

Stove pipe for the barn

Stove pipe for the barnThe workers put the stove pipe in on my barn and did a first rate job! Here is an example of what right looks like. … [Read more...]