The Hickok45 Radio Show Episode 92

The Hickok45 Radio Show Episode 92Rambling from the Reloading Room! ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit the website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN SHOP, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL PREMIUM, SONORAN DESERT INSTITUTE, and SHOOT SOME STEEL: … [Read more...]

1911 Full Auto

1911 Full AutoWhat's Thanksgiving Day without a little rapid fire lead slinging! The launching device of choice today is the Ed Brown Kobra Carry 1911, with which I attempt to train my trigger finger in the fine art of full auto with 230 grain FMJ ammo. 10 round magazine and then an 8 round magazine. ------------------- Please GO to our website … [Read more...]

Steel Slappin’ up close

Steel Slappin' up closeLead slapping steel from very close perspective. 1st three targets: .45 ACP (Kobra Carry) / Animal Targets: .45 Colt (Marlin Cowboy) / Last Target: 9mm (Glock 19 with G17 mag - then G18 magazine) As you can tell, I was putting speed over accuracy with the G19. :-) ------------------- Please GO to our website … [Read more...]

Ed Brown Kobra Carry 1911

Ed Brown Kobra Carry 1911Shooting Ed Brown's Kobra Carry custom 1911. ------------------- PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION and PLEASE support the people who assist us! ---------------------We appreciate the INCREDIBLE support we get from BUD’s GUN SHOP, FEDERAL PREMIUM, and SONORAN DESERT INSTITUTE. They enable us to do the things we do. I … [Read more...]

1911 at 230 Yards

1911 at 230 YardsShooting a Commander size 1911 at 230 yards. Ammo is 230 grain hardball (Winchester White Box). If you are new to my videos and don't quite get a good grasp of the range layout, you can check out Range Tour 2 and also check out my other videos shooting at this target (Glock 23 at 30 yards, Glock 27 at 230 yards). I get in the … [Read more...]

Knock-down Power ??

Knock-down Power ??Shooting 8" swinging plates with different calibers to see the difference in reaction. This is not meant to be very scientific, but it's something subscribers have asked for. Most people know by now that the "knock-down" and "stopping power" talk is often goofy and irrelevant. Here, I'm just showing, for whatever it's worth, … [Read more...]


AccuracyThe term "accuracy" is often misused, in my opinion. This is MY take on it. You might not agree, but it makes sense to me. :-) I'm talking about "practical," defensive pistol accuracy here. If you have three Olympic Gold Medals for shooting bullseye targets, I'm not talking about you. :-) By the way, a dictionary will tell you that … [Read more...]